A Place of Heart – Historic Homes Tour of High River

Historic Homes Tour 2018, Saturday, September 15 – Tickets on sale now.

Have you ever been curious about what’s behind that door of that interesting old house? Now’s your chance. Come and peer into the past with a tour of historic homes in the Town of High River.

Hosted by the Museum of the Highwood, the 10th Historic Home Tour is a fun way to learn about the history of High River and the people who settled the area. The tour takes place Saturday, September 15, 10 am – 5 pm.

Come and spend a day visiting historic homes in High River. Enjoy lunch at a historic church or one of our diners in town. Don’t want to drive? Hop on and off our convenient shuttle bus.

Celebration of our 10th tour includes a rare opportunity to visit Maggie’s Diner, of Heartland fame. The television set for Maggie’s Diner is a log annex that was added onto the century old Bradley building which was the town’s first harness and leather shop.

Tour Tickets $25   |   Shuttle Bus Tickets $10

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Snap shots of the 2016 Historic Homes Tour

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